Video Needs Assessment:

A 20-Questions survey of the variables in designing an effective, entertaining and successful video project. Not a “homework assignment,” but a thought-provoking questionnaire to help us work together to craft a compelling production.

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The Steps in Creating and Producing an Effective Video

The process and the roles of everyone involved in the project - from your team and ours. In most Corporate Video efforts, many roles are combined, and this essay briefly explains each element.

Project Treatment

Once we’re on the same page on our Video Needs Assessment, and any variables regarding the elements of video productions are determined, we will draft the Video Project Treatment. This is a one- or two-page narrative that encapsulates how we move forward and complete the project. The example provided is from an actual production (client name and specifics have been changed for privacy)

Zura Productions
Zura Productions

Production Budget

This is an example from the same project as the previously linked Project Treatment. The Production Quote that we provide for your project will be more detailed with line items that we can discuss, but this is a useful synopsis that can be presented for your company’s approval, and supporting details can be provided as needed.