It’s Destiny – Local Ladies Light Up the Stage!

Wow, did someone just win a contest on a teen social media site? Nope, it's just another assignment for Jim Zura for the E! Network. Lucky Jim!

He recalls: "I always wondered what it would have been like working on "A Hard Day's Night"-- to have been on the ‘inside’ during Beatlemania. So, it really hit me when we were shooting the reactions of the thousands of screaming teenage fans prior to the Destiny's Child concert at Compaq Center. Wherever we panned the camera, the crowd went wild, holding up signs and pictures of their favorite ‘Child’.”

Just a short walk but a world away, the three superstars prepared for the show in their dressing rooms.

“It was really something to spend the entire day with the hottest group in the world! I arrived at Beyoncé’s palatial home in the Houston suburbs early on a Saturday morning and met the Knowles family. They served coffee and doughnuts while the girls rubbed the sleep from their eyes. I got to hang out with them all day, see all their music videos and their outfits – what they wore to the Grammys. Later, I got to mingle backstage prior to the concert and view their performance from the front edge of the stage.

Over the past 25 years, I've met, interviewed, been backstage, and attended concerts of many famous celebrities. I have many treasured memories, and my experience with Destiny's Child is right up there with the best.”

Jim Zura with Destiny's Child prior to a TV appearance.
Jim Zura with Destiny's Child prior to a TV appearance.
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